Artificial intelligence

Practical guide to use it in your day to day

Recently, we´ve heard about artificial intelligence, even in the soup. The emergence of ChatGPT at the end of last year put the issue on everyone´s lips. However, beyond a few isolated experiences, I see that my friends, clients, colleagues, and family have no idea how or in what contexts they can use it. I want to leave you here 3 concrete tools to start using artificial intelligence and, in this way, make friends with this new technology that undoubtedly comes to change the world completely:

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My friend LuzIA:

To begin with, they add this WhatsApp number among their contacts: +34 613 28 81 16. Call it LuzIA. It became my virtual assistant and can also be yours. I ask LuzIA, for example, to transcribe all my WhatsApp audios to text. I don´t listen to audios; I just hate them. So I send them to LuzIA, and she transcribes them into text. It helps me a lot when I´m in virtual meetings, and I need to know what the audio says; it´s the primary use I give it.
Another significant thing that LuzIA does for me is to write all my emails in English. I tell him, for example: I need to write an email in English asking if you could review the proposal I sent and if we can meet next Monday. In just seconds, my assistant with artificial intelligence writes the email for me. LuzIA does several other things, but be encouraged to discover that it only takes 30 seconds to schedule and start playing with it.


ChatGPT, of course: it couldn´t be left out. With ChatGPT, I have interaction every day of my life. I added it in Safari/Chrome in my favorites bar. This week did something spectacular for me: I needed to write an entire website´s content, and ChatGPT did it end-to-end. It was fabulous. I explained to ChatGPT that I was working on a new project and gave him details about what we were looking for, our goals, and our specializations. After that, ChatGPT wrote the site tab ´´About Us,´´ ´´Our Services,´´ and all the product descriptions we needed. It saved me hours of work in seconds. I just had to briefly review the texts and give them some ´´human
affection´´. And this was just a tiny example because ChatGPT is fantastic. Be sure to try it!


The name of your project with Namelix: for those of us who love to undertake -and I know many of you are from that team- it is usually a very normal process to choose the name of a project. I recently discovered Namelix, which completely changed how I work when it comes to those moments. I first told Namelix in two words what the project is about, with keywords. It then asked me if I wanted a compound name, an English term, or an actual word, among other options he offered me. Finally, I wrote a sentence about my product or service, highlighting the most essential traits. I completed the process in seconds. The result was impressive:
dozens of name options with their respective isologotypes. It offered me the name absolutely free and even designed logo options for me at rock-bottom costs (from $25). A process that previously took me weeks between choosing the name and designing the logo took me just a few minutes. Super recommended to try it and discover it.

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